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HVAC Design, Installation, Repair & Service

County Heat & AC, LLC is a full service air conditioning and heating company with several locations to service Westchester County and surrounding areas.  We pride ourselves on our finding the solutions that best serve your individual comfort needs.  Design and installation has never offered so many wonderful options, such as the ductless mini-split and heat pump systems.  For those homes in Westchester, where you are adding AC to a home that cannot afford the space of ductwork - we have options.  The efficient systems offered are abundant, take less space and provide superior comfort and energy savings.  Our vocationally and factory trained service staff, supports our installations and service customers 24/7.  We never leave our customer out in the cold. 

24/7 Service and Repair 

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Ductless Minisplit

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The most efficient way to provide Heat and AC offered in today's market


Oil & Gas Furnaces, Boilers, Combinations and Hybrid & Solo Heat Pumps



Central AC, Unico Mini-Duct Ductless Mini-Split and of course retrofit replacements