NY State Clean Heat Rebates

lower your annual heating costs

without sacrificing comfor.

up-front rebates of $9500 per system

County Heat & AC will design a heat pump system that delivers year round efficient Heat and AC for your entire home that meets the standard of the program.  The rebate will be discounted UPFRONT for the cost of your project.  In conjunction with NY State and your local Westchester County utility company (Con Edison and NYSEG), County Heat & AC will deliver a heating and cooling system that is clean, efficient and carbon neutral.  Please review below for more information.



County Heat & AC will perform a comprehensive audit of your home.  This data will be used to create a custom manual J heat load, which is a measurement of how many BTUs of heat and cooling are required to maintain your home at the temperature that is comfortable for the whole family.  We will use this data to properly size the equipment and then work on designing the appropriate system for your home.  Some homes have existing ductwork that may be used, while other home may require individual wall, floor or ceiling mounted air handlers.  Each air handler will comprise a heat/cool zone with its own thermostat.

Common misconceptions

As you consider your project, we want you to understand how great todays heat pumps really are;

  1. Heat pumps cannot keep up with our heating needs in NY.  FALSE.  In fact, heat pump technology has come so far, that your properly designed heat pump will deliver up to -14 degrees. 

  2. Heat pumps run on electricity and electric heat is expensive.  FALSE.  While electric baseboard is definitely expensive and inefficient, heat pump technology is far more advanced.  The data suggests that heating in NY with a heat pump is roughly equivalent to natural gas.  Further, a multi zone system, used appropriately is less expensive that keeping you whole home at the same temperature.

additional considerations

As you consider and eventually embark on your project, there are some additional items that we urge you to consider;

  1. If you have or plan to get solar, a heat pump system runs on electricity and can be entirely powered by the suns energy.

  2. When you are planning your system, we will show you how much proper insulation affects your heat & cooling bills.  The stack affect in homes not properly insulated in the attic, will release so much of your costly heat and cooling.

  3. If the environment is a consideration, we want you to understand that your properly insulated, heat pump driven, solar powered home will result in a carbon neutral, efficient home that will pay for itself many times over and increase the resale value of your home significantly.

  4. County Heat & AC can review your current budget against your future budget, including the cost of the upgrades.

Come visit our showroom and planning center

Located in Northern Westchester, County Heat & AC constructed our showroom and planning center in May, 2020.  It was designed to provide a place where families could come and not feel concerned about COVID.  We added several stages of air infiltration including virus killing UV light.  Further our appointment only policy, provides time in between each visit to sterilize the space.  We provide booties, gloves and masks upon your arrival.

Our showroom is a great place to see the equipment, feel the heating and cooling output and listen to the sound level during operation.

Our planning center is the perfect place to discuss the project(s) you are considering and visit some you may not have considered.  Customers can enjoy an additional $500 off their project and avoid an in-home visit by preparing our "my home worksheet" prior to your visit.

Please call us at 914-468-4182 to schedule an appointment.  Request your "my home worksheet" or we can schedule an in-home evaluation.