Croton Collectives

New Green Deal

As COVID-19 has most local homeowners and businesses on pause, there opens an opportunity to research and if fiscally sound develop a plan to create a carbon nuetral home.  This is a small, intimate and special community which we all live and work in.  Perhaps during this pause while we protect our health, we can investigate the options that are available from NYSERDA & the stimulus that will help our local environment forever.

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Our Thoughts & Perspectives

Most homeowners in Croton are supporters of reducing their carbon footprint and while their intentions are strong, there remains a lot of questions as to how best to participate.


Reading this brochure, you can learn how you and your family can reduce your household budget, while accomplishing your fiscal and environmental goals.  In doing so now, you can utilize your new found time and make well informed decisions in a safe and friendly way:

- Our program was established to help every homeowner in Croton create their carbon nuetral home, & cut their 2020 energy budget.

- Our retrofits and the current available programs will make your immediate and long-term Electric, Heat & A/C bills lower.

- The evaluation process and paperwork is extensive, so the current COVID-19 crisis allots time to initiate this process.

About Us

We are so happy to present ourselves to our community.  So many we know and so many we will get to know, if we decide to work together.

Leo Wiegman

Co-owner and Executive VP, CEG

Former Croton Mayor and former executive director of Sustainable Westchester, Leo and Patrick Dias founded Croton Energy Group, Inc. on Earth Day 2011.  "Today, our firm is devoted to transforming homes and businesses toward 100% clean energy with solar plus battery storage.

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Joseph Jensen

President, County Heat & AC

Joe, a proud 3rd generation Crotonite  has built several HVAC & Green energy businesses since graduating CHHS in 1988. "Our focused business plan is to update homes with efficient HVAC products that provide a solid return on investment."  When our heat pump systems work in conjunction with solar, the return on investment increases dramtically.

Greg King

Project Coordinator, CEG

Graduating CHHS in 2006 and Allegany College in 2010, Greg returned to make a local difference.  Starting his professional career working in solar, in Croton, “it immediately felt right.”  Currently, Greg evaluates each home's ability to meet their electrical demands with solar retrofits.  When it works, he coordinates the installation through completion.

Michael Jensen

VP, County Heat & AC

Mike was the leading force in starting County Heat & AC.  In 2016 prior to graduating CHHS & BOCES tech we started County Heat & AC. Mike was intent on mastering this new skill set.  So he interned in his own company in his senior year.  Since then, Mike has attended technical programs all over the Country.  Every year he is the youngest member of owner’s meetings for international companies such as Mitsubishi & Daikin.