air Conditioning: bridging the old & the new

Good bye old


It actually depletes the ozone layer and therefore has been phased out. Problem is that most AC systems installed prior to 2010 have it and if that is not enough - it requires you to change the indoor and outdoor units.


The old dial thermostat was fine, but it lacked functionality required for the efficiencies achievable today.  The programmable was difficult and cumbersome for most.  happy we have moved forward to this new time. 


Many in the AC industry have fallen behind or never been properly trained to begin with. This is an expensive investment. Protect it. 

Old or Poor Ductwork Design

No Manual J or CFM Reports

Limited Equipment Options

  These items may not resonate, but they are the top reasons for poor performance and early equipment failure. 

hello new

R-410a (Pureon) REFRIGERANT

Safe and equally effective and once you change the indoor and outdoor units, you are good for 20+ years.


These products are really the entry point for today's emerging smart home.  Turn on your AC just before you leave the office and when you get home - beautiful.  Not to mention all the features that will positively affect your energy budget.


  The well thought out and properly designed HVAC system will distribute conditioned air properly throughout your home.  We will account for the size of the home, each individual room, the type of windows, doors, insulation and even when and where the sun hits your home throughout the day.  We offer the widest variety of systems for every budget.  Whether you choose the most efficient equipment or the most affordable equipment, it will be well thought out and designed.


Installing or replacing your central air conditioning? County Heat & AC installs all major brands of central air conditioning systems.

In 2012, in the midst of the great recession - Daikin Industries, the worlds largest manufacturer of HVAC equipment purchased Amana and several other American companies.  Upon making these acquisitions, they created a game plan to become number one in the USA as well. Launching in 2017, their new $400M state of the art manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas and bring 2000 American jobs with it.  This facility has been designed to provide top quality affordable equipment. If you are like me and you enjoy buying products made in the USA, the follow our lead.  Amana and Daikin products are made with pride, innovation and amongst the lowest defect rate in the industry since opening. Amana User Reviews:



Ductless mini split

Whether your home has baseboard, radiators or in floor radient, this category of heating is very common in the Northeast. As price of fuel has skyrocketed recently, so to has the efficiency options in the marketplace. County Heat & AC has kept up with the innovations that provide options that will significantly reduce your heating costs. 


County Heat & AC provides top notch AC services on all major brands. In order to achieve best results, Our service customers generally maintain an annual contract for their seasonal AC services.  Our service contract includes annual tune-ups, priority and emergency repair services. 

There are times we can provide service to new and outside customers, but our contract holders must always come first.